Manny Librodo Guam Workshop : 3-peat!!!


The Maestro


  • Named by Scott Kelby as one of the world’s FIVE BEST PHOTOGRAPHERS IN 2009 (that you probably haven’t heard about)
  • A regular contributor to UNICEF since 2007 for their calendars, postcards and other items.
  • One of the most Popular Photographers at
  • His picture of Rosalinda was made as a poster of an International Music Festival in Poland.
  • 22 Million hits is
  • 78K+ followers in FACEBOOK
  • Conducted workshops in many countries: US, Canada, Australia, Holland, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Hongkong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, etc.
  • Won countless competitions online and on print. Three time Grand prize winner in
  •; Fisrt Place in Dusk til Dawn Category, POTY – Digital Camera Magazine
  • Two-time Finalist Travel Photographer of the Year, TPOTY
  • Endorsed products of Sony, Epson, Nikon
  • Published in various international magazines (Digital Photo UK, Digital Camera UK, Mabuhay Philippines, Digital Photography UK , Asian Geographic, among others)
  • A contributor photographer for VOGUE Italia
  • Originally from the town of Lambunao, Iloilo Province, located in the central part of the Philippines

Librodo Links:

Guam Workshops 3

D A Y    O N E

Q01A9039 copyQ01A9049 copyQ01A9052 copy

Q01A9054 copy

Q01A9057 copy

Q01A9592 copy

Q01A9473 copy

Q01A9458 copy

Q01A9258 copy

Q01A9237 copy

Q01A9219 copy

Q01A9207 copy

Q01A9204 copy

Q01A9145 copy

Q01A9067 copy

Q01A9065 copy

Q01A9064 copy

Q01A9670 copyQ01A9792 copyQ01A9798 copy

D A Y    T W O

Q01A9801 copyQ01A9802 copyQ01A9804 copyQ01A9805 copyQ01A9807 copyQ01A9812 copyQ01A9815 copyQ01A9816 copyQ01A9820 copyQ01A9822 copyQ01A9824 copyQ01A9827 copyQ01A9832 copyQ01A9833 copyQ01A9836 copyQ01A9838 copyQ01A9839 copyQ01A9841 copyQ01A9849 copyQ01A9852 copy Q01A9853 copy Q01A9854 copy Q01A9855 copy Q01A9856 copy Q01A9857 copy Q01A9858 copy Q01A9859 copy Q01A9860 Q01A9861 Q01A9862 Q01A9863 copy Q01A9865 copy



D A Y    T H R E E     :    F U N   S H O O T

Q01A0076 copy Q01A0163 copy Q01A0165 copy Q01A0169 copy Q01A0173 copy Q01A0176 copy Q01A9870 copy Q01A9872 copy Q01A9874 copy Q01A9949 copy Q01A9950 copy Q01A9951 copy Q01A9955 copy Q01A9956 copy

Q01A9958 copy Q01A9959 copy

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