A quick 30-min test shoot with Amanda – quick like 2-sec wardrobe change 😀 She was literally running from one shot to  another 😀 trying to beat the setting of the sun – but we still managed to produce countless beautiful images – she’s that amazing! 😀

Location: Tarague Beach, Andersen AFB, Guam

Here’s the first batch!
IMG_4500 IMG_4511 IMG_4515 as Smart Object-1 copy IMG_4554 IMG_4745 IMG_4578b

Untitled-3 rainbow IMG_4550 copy


2nd Batch 


IMG_4587 copy IMG_4596 copy IMG_4598 copy IMG_4602 copy IMG_4607 copy IMG_4618 copy IMG_4629 copy IMG_4635 copy IMG_4639 copy IMG_4651 copy IMG_4653 copy IMG_4659 copy IMG_4672 copy IMG_4759 copy IMG_4760 copy IMG_4793 copy IMG_4798 copy IMG_4805 copy IMG_4815 copy IMG_4829 copy IMG_4840 copy IMG_4852 copy IMG_4853 copy IMG_4858 copy IMG_4859 copy IMG_4863 copy IMG_4873 copy IMG_4880 copy IMG_4881 copy IMG_4893 copy

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